The People Behind the Pages

Mike, Victoria, Chris A., and Dale at WPA 2001.

Chris A., Amanda, Dale, Justin, and Gio at WPA 2010.

Dale E. Berger, Project Director

Dale Berger is a Professor of Psychology at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). He teaches a range of statistics, research methodology, and data analysis courses, and a cognitive course in the Psychology of Thinking and Problem Solving. He has written numerous articles in the fields of research methodology, public policy, and cognitive psychology, and has consulted with various organizations on issues dealing primarily with applied data analysis.

Justin Mary

Justin Mary is a graduate student in cognitive psychology. He is interested in principles of learning, critical thinking and computer-based learning tools.

Chris Pentoney

Chris Pentoney is a graduate student in cognitive psychology whose interest is in the applications of data mining for learning technologies.

Mike Toma

Mike is a current Ph.D. student in Cognitive Psychology. His dissertation examines the relationship between executive functions and user engagement. He intends to use what he's learned about human cognition to improve the way people interact with technology and design. As part of the WISE group, he recommends and designs ways to enhance a user's experience with WISE material and online statistical learning.

'Emeritus' members of the WISE team

Jocelyn Johnson

Jocelyn Johnson has an M.A. in Social Psychology and Evaluation from CGU. She is interested in statistics and social cognition.

Giovanni Sosa

Giovanni Sosa completed his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at CGU in 2012. His research has focused upon examining the interplay between technology, learning, attitudes, and well-being. As a research analyst at Chaffey College, he helps faculty and staff measure student learning and attitudes and provides the campus community with empirical findings concerning a range of student-centered initiatives.

Amanda Saw

Amanda Saw completed her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at CGU in 2011. She is interested in learning principles and applying and evaluating educational technologies. In addition to the WISE Project, she has conducted mathematical education research at the UCLA Human Perception Laboratory.

Victoria Romero

Victoria applies theories drawn from psychology and neuroscience to develop behavioral models and tools that inform and facilitate target audience analysis, influence campaigns, and strategic communications. She also develops and manages interdisciplinary research programs to support innovative behavioral science agendas for the US government.

Michael Healy

Michael Healy completed his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at CGU in 2004. His primary research interests are human memory, cognitive aging, and human-computer interaction. Michael has taught an undergraduate course in Statistics at Pitzer College, and he is the primary contributor of Java programming to the WISE Project.

Chris Aberson

Chris Aberson is an Associate Professor at Humboldt State University. Chris completed his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at CGU in 1999. Chris teaches graduate-level courses in Multivariate Statistics, ANOVA, and Computer Applications as well as undergraduate courses in Introductory Statistics, Intermediate Statistics, and Research Methodology.

Eric P. Emerson

Eric Emerson is working as an expert-level Information Systems Specialist for the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Eric was a key contributor to development of the initial WISE site.

Jill Huntley

Dr. Jill Huntley Taylor is a Director with Dispute Dynamics, Inc. and heads the firm's Philadelphia office. As a trial consultant she has had key involvement in over 500 cases around the country and in Puerto Rico.

Anita Blanchard

Dr. Anita Blanchard is a faculty member in Psychology and Organization Science at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. She studies the effects of technology on employees’ affective attachment. Currently, she has two lines of research. First, she is examining sense of virtual community in virtual communities, particularly how it develops, and what it leads to. Second, she is developing an environmental theory framework to combine the social processes with the technological features that lead to successful virtual group functioning.

Diana Kyle

Diana J. Kyle is on the psychology faculty of Fullerton College in Fullerton, California, where she teaches a range of psychology courses.

Matthew Prull

Dr. Matthew Prull is on the faculty at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Matthew completed his Ph.D. degree in Cognitive Psychology at CGU in 1997. He teaches various undergraduate courses such as cognitive psychology, research methods, statistics, and psychology of aging, and maintains an active research program in memory and aging. E-mail: prullmw at whitman dot edu

Initial Participating Faculty

Leah L. Light, Pitzer College

Peter Nardi, Pitzer College

Kathy Pezdek, Claremont Graduate University

Patricia Smiley, Pomona College

John Sullivan, Pitzer College

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