WISE Tutorials

Introductory Statistical Topics

Sampling Distribution of the Mean
This tutorial teaches fundamental properties of sampling distributions of means such as accuracy of sample means, probability, and effects of sample size.
A 2006 MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources Winner!
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Investigating the Central Limit Theorem
Illustrates the basic principles of the Central Limit Theorem and enhances conceptual understanding of inferential statistics.
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The Logic of Hypothesis Testing
This tutorial serves to introduce the logic of hypothesis testing using z-scores.
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Statistical Power
This tutorial introduces students to the concepts of statistical power and effect size.
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Correlation and Regression (Updated link)
This tutorial focuses on statistical methods of describing the co-relatedness of two variables, and how-to use this information to make statistical predictions.
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Review Concepts

The t-test Tutorial: Comparing Cultures
In this tutorial, students gain experience applying descriptive and inferential statistics.
Choosing the Correct Statistical Test
This exercise poses different research scenarios and asks you what statistical test you would use to answer the research question of interest. An interesting approach to working with "real data."

Specialized Topics

An Introduction to Signal Detection Theory
In this tutorial, we illustrate the statistical basis of Signal Detection Theory (SDT) and demonstrate the similarities between SDT and Hypothesis Testing. SDT was developed in the psychological research community, but has become popular in fields such as clinical diagnosis and industrial design.
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Utility and Decision Making
This tutorial focuses on statistical methods of decision making under uncertainty. The underlying model assumes bivariate normal distributions, distributions of N:N weights per group, and decision outcomes of varying utility. (Spring, 2003).
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