This is a positive relationship. As scores on X rise scores on Y rise. As attendance goes up, grades rise. 

So far, we have not used regression analysis. Regression and correlation analysis always involves at least two variables. The relationship between the two variables may allow us to improve our prediction over and above our prediction based only on knowing the average score.

Imagine that the professor says the following: "Over the past five years, I have collected information about attendance and grades. I find that there is a positive correlation between points and attendance, r = .90. Those people who attended every class tended to get 90 points and higher, those who attended most classes usually scored about 80-89 points, those who attended half of the classes scored between 70 and 79 points, those who came infrequently tended to score between 60 and 69 points, and those who never attended usually scored less than 60."

Begin Regression Introduction