Hypothesis Testing Tutorial
A. Introduction
- B. ACE Graduates
- C. Sampling Error
- D. Probabilities of Means
- E. Surprising Results
- F. Null and Alternative Hypotheses
- G. Alpha
- H. Type 1 Error
- I. Type 2 Error
- J. Hypothesis Testing Matrix
Exercise 1: Testing ACE Graduates
- Q1: Find z-score
- Q2: Find p-value
- Q3: Interpret p-value
- Q4: H0 and H1
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Description of the WISE Power Applet

Note: this is not a 'live' applet.


This applet simulates a test of the null hypothesis that the population mean is equal or less than a specified value (e.g., μ ≤ 100). The alternative hypothesis is that the population mean is greater than this value (e.g., μ > 100). We assume a normal population distribution with a known standard deviation (e.g., σ = 15) so we can conduct a one-tailed z test.

The user can enter desired values into the text boxes or use a mouse to ‘drag’ the mean of the Alternate Population, the sample size, or power to see how a change of one value affects others

Place the cursor over different parts on the picture above for a description of applet features.

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